Many people love to dance and try out different dance styles by their own but if you want to be a master of any particular dance form or over every dance form then it is very important for you to join any good dance class.

two people dancing

In Fulham, there are many good classes available that you can join to enhance your dancing skills.  All the good Fulham dance classes provide various dance style classes, so choose the dance class in which you are interested.  When joining the dance class, always make sure that you choose the right outfit so that you can dance comfortably.  Right outfit also saves you from any kind of slip and fall.

Dance styles that you can learn

  • Hip hop – in hip hop, there are great range of styles available from popping to breaking. This dance style emerged as a street dance where dancers performed on hip hop music which is very fast. In this, dancer can form their own different dance moves.
  • Moonwalk – this highly famous dance style creates an illusion of moving backwards. This dance style was performed in early 80’s and since then it gained very high popularity and still is considered as one of the most famous dance form.
  • Salsa – this is basically a Latin dance that is very popular all over the world. This dance style is very sensual; it is also very energetic and innovative chorography which makes this dance style very famous. This dance form also has an influence of rumba, changuyi and mambo.