After giving birth to child or after becoming a mommy, most of the women lose touch to the fashion as they get busy in the caring of their child and family. However, if you have become a mommy it doesn’t mean that you are not eligible to follow the fashion trend, you can follow it freely. If you feel left out with the changing fashion trends and are confused in making selection for the best outfit then it is good if you to follow or read any mommy blog where it is guided what you can wear in order to look stylish and classy.

Tips for mommy by Amy Davidson

During pregnancy period or after giving birth, it is very important to wear the clothing and other accessories that provide you comfort. That’s why it is highly advised that you should avoid wearing the footwear that has heel, instead of that you can wear flat bots, stud slippers, ballet flats etc. Now when it comes to hair fashion for mom then there are generally two styles that most of the women bloggers prefer, first is to pull back your hair and form a ponytail or get a short or mom style hair cut. However, ponytail style is best as it always gives you a sophisticated and charming look.

Now, when it comes to clothing then it is good if you wear neither too tight nor too lose, instead of that you can wear the stretchable clothing likes leggings, draped tees and more. You can also make use of shape wear so that you can look slim.